Handmade Decorations


This festive season I had the idea to make some of my own decorations, as soon as I could visualise what I wanted to make I began by looking in my box of fabric, thread and embellishments to see if I had everything I needed.

To make this all you need is fabric, polyester padding, metallic decorative thread, embellishment of your choice (I used sequins) and cotton string.

I went with a star shape, to make it easier I created a template to draw and cut around the fabric. For each piece cut out two shapes and one for the polyester padding.

Then add your embellishment to the fabric before joining the 2 shapes with the polyester padding inside.

Using the decorative thread, begin to sew around the shape to join them together with a needle, making a loop around the edge, make sure it is quite tight. As you reach the end take your cotton string and make a final loop and thread the cotton string through the loop so that you can hang it and finish off the stitch.

Personally I quite like the messy handmade look that you get from this as it makes it look unique so don't worry if it does not look neat.

Hope you enjoyed this, let me know if you have made your own festive decorations this year.
xo Natasha

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