What my Mum has taught me so far..


Happy Mothers Day to all of you special ladies. You're kinda great and more important to your children than they may show. Some days we can be really difficult, drive you crazy and basically act like kids but we're yours and you're the only person in the whole world that we can truly be like that with. We rely heavily on you as babies, infants and children, as we grow into teenagers we can't live without you but there are moments when we can. Then as we become adults we are off in the world doing our own thing, being the independent humans you brought us up to be. Without realising you have taught us more than anyone ever has.You have been there for us and we have learnt so much from our younger years.

Mum, so far you have taught me..

1, To spell, I can now spell quite well because of you and as a writer that's very important
2, Wear what you find comfortable over how it looks
3, Ways to style my hair like plaits
4, Be sensible with money but you can still treat yourself
5, Not to be afraid of pain, needles and blood
6, It's okay to cry sometimes, no matter what the reason is
7, Especially if it's because of a boy, they are all idiots and will break your heart
8. Never put shoes on the table because it's bad luck
9, Don't worry about the little silly things, it will work out in the end
10, How to look after myself and others

Reading back the list I feel like my Grandma has also taught me the same things, I guess that's where you learnt it from. I just hope I can do the same if I ever have children one day. I know there are so much more lessons you have taught me in my 22 years and that I have so much more still to learn from you. And today being Mothers day is the perfect time to say thank you and I love you.

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