Blue January and Winter Walks


It's been a long month so far, it's not quite over but we are nearly there. January is like waking up in the morning, you don't want it to be that time again but you have to get up. As horrible as it can be sometimes, it hasn't been all bad, I find that it can be a good time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the rest of the next. Thinking about all that you want to achieve and making plans.

Getting back into the swing of working again has been a little tiring, after a break you're never quite ready to go back. My job has kept me very busy the last few weeks, the company that I work for is currently re-branding and it's up to me and my boss to get it all done. There are endless tasks, changes to make and with our website launch in a few days it's all getting real and exciting. It makes the days go quick but the weeks still drag.

For me, it's the lack of sunlight and dark days that get me feeling a little blue. Last week was my least favourite time in January, I felt awful to be completely honest. I was not sick enough to lay in bed all day and go off sick but I was by no means feeling 100%. Thankfully it passed and this week I have been feeling more like myself.

A few things I've done to tackle the January blues..

One of my favourite things to do is go for walks. I don't go out walking for the simple act of walking enough. Breathing in the fresh air and looking at my surroundings can do so much good for my mind and body. It does not take a lot of effort, you just have to go.

Be with the ones you love. I sometimes forget how people, especially the important ones in your life can fill you up and make everything okay by just having them by your side. When the warmth that radiates around them reaches you and makes you smile, that right there is what it's all about. From your family, friends, boy or girl. They are there for you and you are there for them.

Keeping busy and focusing on my goals. Of course some days I want to curl up and hide away but you'll never waste your time doing something productive or something you truly want to do. I've been  making an effort to work out frequently and do other little things like reading a book in the bath and clearing out my bedroom. Focus on what you want and need.

It's also okay to rest, we all need to sleep in at the weekends, go to bed early and lounge around in our comfy clothes or pjs from time to time.

Hopefully the January blues haven't hit you too badly, I don't like to wish time away but it will be Spring before we know it, the days will be brighter and so will our minds. Keep going, we can do it.

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