Getting Into The Autumn Mood


It may be a blogger cliche but I adore autumn. I always have and it will forever be my most loved time of year. We are now in the middle of this lovely season, Halloween is next week, the leaves are yellow, red and golden brown and the cosy jumpers are coming out of wardrobes. Lately I have been soaking this time up as much as possible before the trees are bare and winter is upon us.

Autumn is a good time of year to start slowing down a little and taking it easy. The summer holidays have gone and we are now in the final stretch of the year. It's time to get cosy and do little things to make us feel good. It's no wonder everyone is embracing the hygge lifestyle, the Danish are one of the happiest people in the world after all. The simple pleasures in life can truly make your days feel so full of goodness.

Last weekend my sister and I went for a walk around Trent Park, one of our favourite parks to go to all year round. Going outside for a walk, breathing in the cool autumn air all wrapped up brings me a little bit of joy. It's so good for my mind and body.

It got me thinking about all my favourite things to do at this time of year and I thought I would share how I get into the autumn mood.

1. Going outside, walking through the leaves and taking a few photos

2. Tasting everything pumpkin flavoured and carving pumpkins

3. Listening to the autumn acoustic playlist on Spotify

4. Indulging in warm cups of coffee and hot chocolate

5. Lighting my favourite candles 

6. Wearing scarves and knitted cardigans

7. Taking a hot bath with Lush bubble bars 

8. Baking sweet treats - apple crumble has been my favourite to make

9. Reading a book or blogs under a soft blanket 

10. Having warm bowls of porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and roasted vegetables for dinner

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful autumn season everyone, take it easy and get cosy.

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