An Afternoon at Hornsea Mere


There is nothing better than going to a good cafe in the afternoon. I feel most content when I'm in a place I can relax with a cup of coffee. At the Easter weekend, my guy and I got in the car and drove to Hornsea for the afternoon. It's become one of my favourite places to go when I'm in Yorkshire. Everyone is so friendly, there are always dogs running around and the views are quite lovely. The town is lined with little cottages and dreamy houses, I do love a pretty house.

As we arrived, there were ducks, geese and swans on the Mere fighting against the wind. Nobody was out in the row boats on the Mere that day but I would love to go out in one someday, maybe when the water is still and the sun is warm. We walked past the little gift shop and round the corner to The Mere Cafe.

It is a simple and cute little cafe with fairy lights and bunting all around the windows and little flowers on every table. We shared a little treat with our coffee, the pistachio and raspberry cake is one of my favourites. The sun was beaming through the window so perfectly and I could feel the warmth on my face as I overlooked the mini golf course. We often dream about having our own cafe or coffee shop one day, we'd love to have a little dog friendly one serving some good, wholesome food and delicious coffee. Maybe one day.

We then went for a walk along the seaside. The wind was strong but it felt so good to breathe in the fresh sea air. Whenever I'm on the east coast looking out at the sea I do stop for a moment and think about how there is nothing out there for miles and miles until you get to another country like Denmark. I think I could be quite happy living by the sea.

Hornsea is a charming little seaside town that I know I'll visit again and again. I'd love to keep exploring more of Yorkshire, little towns and places like this to discover. Where do you love to go in Yorkshire?

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