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At the weekend while I was outside walking around a country park, I started reflecting on my life a little, I love how my mind begins to open up when I'm surrounded by peaceful sounds. For a few moments I thought about the things that make me feel joyful. Being outside and wandering around aimlessly can be so good for the soul.

I was with my guy and we were talking about the things that were going on in our lives, dreaming about our plans for the future and how we wished we had a little dog with us on our walk. It's one of the simplest ways to recharge my mind. We were lucky that the sun came out for us, when we want to get outside and go for a walk it's usually raining and cloudy. It was just right, no muddy paths and puddles. We even treated ourselves to an ice cream on the way home.

Sometimes the simple things are the best. I like to give myself time to do the little things that make me happy and find the everyday joys in life because not everyday can be a Saturday. Embracing the good things we have makes the incredible things in life even better.

 Everyday things that bring me joy

My morning cup of coffee
It's my everyday ritual. Even the smell of it in the morning wakes me up from my sleepy haze.

Good company
Surrounding myself with my favourite people always makes me happy. There is nothing better than hanging out with wonderful humans who make you smile, laugh and have great stories to tell.

Being outside
Sometimes I think I was a hippie in a past life. I love to walk barefoot on the soft grass, make daisy chains in the garden and explore the earth. I feel so content when I'm outside and connected to the world.

Wearing my favourite necklace
A simple little necklace I bought on a market stall one day has become my favourite piece of jewellery, it's simple and pretty and I love how I feel when I wear it.

Cooking fresh wholesome food
It feels so good to wash fresh fruit and cut up vegetables to make something delicious and nourishing. I try to do this as much as I can even when life can get a bit busy. I have grown to enjoy cooking and I love how I feel after eating good food.

Going for walks
Slowing down and moving my body gently is a simple way I like to look after myself. Walking in the park, in the city or in the countryside. I'll walk anywhere with good views.

Looking back at old photos
I love looking back at old photos. They hold so many memories and bring me back to when they were taken. I'm reminded of why I stopped to take that photo and how it was important enough for me to capture that moment in time.

Pistachio ice cream
And anything pistachio flavoured. It's hands down my favourite flavour of ice cream and chances are if it's got pistachios in it I will love it. One of my favourite treats on a summers day.

Dogs, dogs and dogs
Can you tell I love dogs? I always have to stop and watch a cute one when I see them. They make me feel happy inside and I can't wait for the day I have one of my own.

Summer sunsets
I adore this time of year. Those quiet moments as the sun is going down after a beautifully warm day. The vibrant colours of the sky is enough to fill you up inside.

What little things bring you joy? 

This post is in collaboration with Lighthouse Clothing.

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