Wandering Around York


Last year was my first time ever visiting York. It was a surprise trip that my love planned for Valentine's day and I'm so happy he took me to such a beautiful city. As soon as we left I knew I wanted to go back and explore some more. Our birthdays are a few days apart in July and we wanted to do something nice during our birthday weekend so we decided to go back to York for the day.

We got in the car that morning and had a little road trip up to North Yorkshire. Over the last year and a half I have started falling in love with Yorkshire, there is still so much more I need to see but it is becoming one of my favourite places in England. The countryside and the little pockets of pretty towns are so beautiful.

Once we arrived we began to walk towards the centre, through the Shambles Market and down the alleyways onto the Shambles and then found ourselves at York Minster. It seemed like we always managed to make our way there unintentionally. We walked around the Museum Gardens, there were so many squirrels fearlessly going up to people who were giving them food, I've never seen anything like it. We tried to let ourselves get a little lost and it always led to somewhere lovely, you always find the best places when you're not looking for it. We sat for a moment by the River Ouse looking out at the rowers and the art fair along the river. By this point I was ready for some coffee.

When I knew we were going to York I scoped out a few places on Instagram to visit while we were there, I found Brew and Brownie and it sounded perfect. You can't go wrong with coffee and brownies. We shared a sandwich and a salted caramel brownie, I think it was one of the best brownies I've ever had, it was so delicious. Everything looked amazing, I wish I could have eaten it all.

After we went into a few of our favourite shops and also found some new ones. We soon ended up in Fossgate, a lovely area of York full of independent shops and cafes with bunting connecting them all together. We browsed the book store and found Ambiente, a tapas restaurant where we had dinner that night, the food was so good and wholesome.

As York started to get a little quiet, we had a last walk through the streets and sat in Dean's Park for a while, people watching and soaking up the sunshine. I loved looking at the beautiful houses, dreaming of one day owning a home just like them and maybe even living in York one day. There is so much character, lots of little cafes and friendly people everywhere you go. I have truly fallen in love with York all over again.

What city have you fallen in love with?

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